Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 4th July 2006

at the Recreation Ground Pavilion




Chairman:                        M. Cullen

Councillors: A. Alderson, E. Daniel, I. Ritchie and C. Jones.

Parish Clerk: L. Marshall


District & County Councillor R. Turner was in attendance.


324.            Apologies were received from B. Felstead and R. Smiley.


325.     The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of the 6th June 2006 were agreed.


326.     County and District Reports


i           Police Up-Date


Cllr R. Turner reported that he contacted Chief Constable Julie Spence by letter of 25th June 2006 and received a reply from PC Clive Brown, Staff Officer to Acting/DCC Mr J Feavyour, who has forwarded the original letter to Chief Superintendent Needle. More detailed information is therefore unavailable at the present time.


ii           Guided Bus


The Government has agreed to give £92.5m to build the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway from St Ives to Cambridge.


This follows a ringing endorsement from an independent inspector in December 2005 who "had no doubt that the guide way sections would provide frequent, speedy travel between St Ives and Cambridge Science Park."


Following months of discussion with the Department for Transport, Cambridgeshire County Council has received confirmation that the Government will approve the final funding package.


The total cost of the Guided Busway is now £116.2m. Government will pay £92.5m towards the cost of the scheme and the rest of the funding will be gathered from developers who are building new houses in the area.


The Guided Busway is Cambridgeshire County Council's biggest transport initiative to date and will provide a step change in local public transport services. When completed it will be the longest guided busway in the world.


Stops on the Guided Busway route include St Ives, Fen Drayton nature reserve, Swavesey, Longstanton, Oakington, Histon & Impington, the new development at Arbury Park, Cambridge Regional College, Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge city centre, Cambridge railway station, Addenbrooke's hospital, Trumpington and Trumpington Park & Ride.


Work is expected to start on January 2007 with a service being provided at the end of 2008.


iii            Highways


Cllr R. Turner reported that he has sent two e-mails requesting a meeting with Bob Howard but so far has not received a reply. Alternative means of contact shall be explored.


iv          Ditton Day


Cllr R. Turner congratulated the organisers once again for making Ditton Day a success and a real date in the calender.


327.            Matters Arising


i           New Parish Councillor


It was reported that Ian Jupp of 18 Church Street has applied for the vacant position of Parish Councillor. Ian Jupp was nominated by C. Jones and seconded by A. Alderson. The vote was unanimous. Parish Clerk to organise appointment.


ii           Post Office


            The temporary closure of the Fen Ditton Post Office was discussed. Since the closure of the Barnwell Road Post Office it was observed that the nearest Post Office is now on Vinery Road or Newmarket Road. It was suggested that the Parish Council register a strong objection to the lack of post office facilities within a reasonable distance in view of the difficulties experienced by the elderly and less mobile parishioners. Parish Clerk to write a letter suggesting the requirement of a mobile post office once a week.


iii          Bridge of Reeds


            In the absence of R. Smiley this issue was adjourned until the next meeting.


iv          Land by the Barn


            In the absence of R. Smiley this issue was adjourned until the next meeting.


328.            Conservation


i           Tree works at Ditton Hall


            It was decided that no objection or comments be submitted.


ii          Grass Banks and Cycle Path


            It was agreed that the grass banks along Ditton Lane appear very unkempt and that in future Herald be requested to cut the grass to the same level, rather than strimming just one metre closest to the pavement. Parish Clerk to write a letter.


            Clarification is necessary as to the Parish Council’s responsibility for the upkeep of the grass banks and cycle path. Wadloes Cycle Path has previously been considered part of the Millenium Cycle Path and therefore the responsibility of Cambridge City Council, who no longer seem to be ensuring its upkeep. Parish Clerk to write to Bob Howard, Cambridge City Council and South Cambs in order to establish a clear understanding of boundaries.


329.            Recreation Ground


i           General Report


It was reported that there are still problems with broken windows in the pavilion. It is anticipated that the goalposts expected to arrive will solve this problem.


The Bumps on 17th June were largely a success, although the organisation of parking was hindered by the limited number of parking cones. It was reported that the local police are no longer responsible for the distribution of parking cones and next year the Parish Council will have to find another solution. Several people from the village were extremely helpful with the car park on the recreation ground and traffic control at the crossroads. Those involved will be formally thanked by the Parish Council.


ii           Funding Applications Update


It was reported that the Parish Council has received a response from WREN, promising £8,300, bringing the total promised in funding up to £18,300. It was reported that work on re-laying the path to the cemetery and the pavilion is due to start on 20th July 2006.


330.            Highways


i           It was reported that fly tipping is again causing a problem on Honey Hill. I. Ritchie has reported the problem and District & County Councillor R. Turner recommended a new contact name at South Cambs. I. Ritchie to telephone complaint again.


ii           Despite writing a letter to Greene King about the potholes at the entrance to the Blue Lion on High Ditch Road the problem persists. Parish clerk to re-contact the area manager responsible.


331.            Cemetery


i            Request for Grave Plot


It was decided that E. Daniel would establish how many grave plots are currently available and would investigate further into the applicant’s mother’s connections with Fen Ditton in order to supply an appropriate quotation for the grave plot price.


332.            Planning Applications


i           South Cambs Local Development Framework – Public Consultation on “Objection Sites” and “Site Allocation Policies Representations”


            It was reported that this document constitutes a planning application for a residential development on a site on the East side of Horningsea Road and near the primary school. A. Alderson declared an interest in this matter and due to the lack of quorum no decisions could be made during the meeting. As the deadline granted to register objections is 28th July 2006, it was agreed that the absent members of the Parish Council would be consulted and a decision made through consultation prior to the next meeting. Parish Clerk to collate responses.       


ii            S/1117/06/LB – Parish Clerk left the room during the discussion of this planning application. APPROVAL was recommended re: removal of window in garden room of rear extension and replacement by French doors at 17 High Ditch Road for Mr. Payne and Ms. Marshall.



333.            Accounts


i           The following invoices were agreed:


i            Mr George Griffiths – Architect for Rec Improvements - £750.00

ii Mrs Sara Scrivener – salary and expenses - £235.82

iii Ms Laura Marshall – 11 hours work June - £90.53


334.            Correspondence


i           SCDC – Confirmation that SCDC will keep the PC informed of meeting with owners of Flendyshe House re newly constructed wall (all via e-mail).

ii          Post Office – Letter requesting a review from the PC re the closure of the Post Office (all via e-mail).

iii          South Cambs Crime & Disorder – Invite to Safety Event to be held on 20th September (ED/MC).

iv         Gill Griffith – Comments re street signs and grass verges (all via e-mail).

v          Letter sent to Greene King re unsafe pathway.

vi         Letter sent to Stadia Sports Int’l to purchase goal posts.

vii         Letter sent to Bob Howard requesting meeting with Mark Cullen.

viii        Letter sent to Herald re quote 15th May (work on embankment).

ix         Cambs County Council – Street Lighting Maintenance – confirming cost of £17.26 per lamp (ED/MC).

x          Letter sent to Moore Stephens re internal audit requests.


335.     Any Other Business


i           It was agreed that M. Cullen would consult the Recreation Ground Trust about the possibility of purchasing a lockable cabinet to store some of the Parish Council documents in the pavilion.


ii          It was agreed that Sara Scrivener would submit an invoice of hours worked in continuing to train the new Parish Clerk.


iii          It was agreed that no meeting would take place in August but a walkabout of the village be organised on Tuesday 1st August instead. Time and meeting point to be confirmed.


336.     Date of Next Meeting


i           The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 5th September 2006



The public are welcome to attend meetings of the Parish Council



Laura Marshall

Parish Clerk

Tel:  01223 295568

E-mail:  laura@idiom.co.uk