Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 10th October 2006

at the Recreation Ground Pavilion


Chairman: R. Smiley

Councillors: I. Ritchie, C. Jones, B. Felstead, I. Jupp, M. Cullen, and A. Alderson.

Parish Clerk: L. Marshall

District & County Councillor R. Turner was in attendance.

Open Forum

Mr. Shaun Williams informed the Parish Council about his access and easement issues at 5 Green End and outlined his requirements.

349. Apologies were received from E. Daniel.

350. The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of the 4th July and 5th September 2006 were agreed.

351. County and District Reports

Highway Issues

District & County Councillor R. Turner reported that a meeting has been set up for the 30th October at the South Highways Division in Whittlesford where up to three representatives of the parish council can attend to discuss highways issues. These issues have been a major concern to residents, parish councillors over the last 15 months. It was agreed that I. Jupp would take responsibility for Highways issues and attend this meeting.

Traffic Survey

A major survey of motorists will be carried out over seven days during the next three weeks on the main roads into the city.

Information gained from motorists will be used to shape the Long-term Local Transport Plan for Cambridge and be used to design new schemes to address congestion. This information will be essential to help plan transport initiatives to manage the traffic to be generated from thousands of homes due to be built in and around Cambridge over the next 15 years.

One road will be done at a time and motorists will be pulled to one side to be asked questions - the interview should just take a couple of minutes. Police will be on hand to control traffic and try to ensure minimal delay as well as help those who take part rejoin the traffic flow.

Questions motorists will be asked include where they have come from, their destination, where they will park and the purpose of their journey.

Cambridgeshire County Council, said: “This information will play a key part in helping to understand exactly the traffic patterns in and around Cambridge and deliver schemes to tackle congestion.”

Police Support Officer

A new police support officer was appointed on the 4th October. The officer's name is Leanna Livermore, and Leanna can be contacted on 0780 2935138.

Marshall's Consultative Committee

The last meeting of Marshall's Consultative Committee was held on 19th September. It was reported that there was a slight increase in aircraft noise related complaints. On further investigation, this extra noise was found to have been generated from a week long training session. The number of complaints is still relatively low (38) and is still exceptionally low compared to the number of aircraft movements (19,315) for the period January to August 2006. According to Susan Walford, SCDC's environmental representative concerning carbon monoxide emissions around the Newmarket Road and Cambridge City areas, these figures are well within government guidelines.

Relocation of Waste Water Treatment Works

Representations from the four villages were made to the county council's cabinet meeting on the 26th September. The cabinet agreed to accept the preferred location to the relocation of the works to Honey Hill, Horningsea. This outcome was not expected so further discussions with the planners and parish councillors will continue.

352. Matters Arising

i Land by the Barn

R. Smiley reported that he had contacted the Parish Council's solicitor and that a provisional deed has been drawn up which will be forwarded to Mr. Williams' solicitor. This draft deed will be examined at the next Parish Council meeting.

It was also reported that the Parish Council is still waiting for Mr. Gough-Goodman's response to the latest draft of the wording for the notice-board to be placed at the area.

ii Resignation of M. Clarke

It was reported that the vacancy caused by M. Clarke's resignation is to be filled by co-option. No candidates for the position have come forward at present.

iii  Surgery sessions

It was decided that the current system of a public forum immediately prior to the Parish Council meeting is more useful than the previous Saturday morning Surgery sessions.

iv  Post Office Closure

It was reported that as no response to the advertisements for the position of Sub-postmaster has been received, the temporary closure of the Post Office is now considered final. Should anyone with premises express an interest in acting as Sub-postmaster in the future, the Parish Council would offer its full support.

v  Campaign to Protect Rural England

It was decided that this was not a matter the Parish Council wished to proceed.

vi  Bridge of Reeds

The Bridge of Reeds was discussed in the context of offering protection of the Green Belt around Fen Ditton and preventing further developments like the sewage works. R. Smiley and R. Turner reported that they had attended a meeting at South Cambs District Council where the issue of the sewage works was discussed. They both expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of open debate on the issue. Parish Clerk to write letter to register this objection.

I. Ritchie, as liaison officer between the Parish Council and the Village Society, reported that in their fight to prevent the sewage works from relocating to Honey Hill, the Village Society now has the assistance of a group called Planning Aid.

I. Ritchie also reminded the Parish Council that they had been invited to a consultation workshop on 15th November 2006, at South Cambs District Council which would discuss the Community Strategy from 2007-2010. I. Ritchie and R. Smiley to attend. I. Ritchie to inform the Village Society of the workshop in the hope they will also send a representative.

vii   Filming - 'Stuart: A Life Backwards'

It was reported that the Parish Council received a donation of £1,000 from Neal St. Productions. Parish Clerk to write letter of thanks. A discussion on how best to spend this money will take place at the next Parish Council meeting.

353. Conservation

i Grass Verges

It was reported that in spite of extensive research and persistent enquiries, it is still unclear whether Wadloes footpath is the responsibility of the Parish Council or the County Council. The area for which the Parish Council is responsible for has been calculated by the County Council at 8,600m2 and a map with the village verges marked has been provided. C. Jones to estimate the extent of the areas marked on the map to clarify the areas of responsibility.

ii Hawthorn Hedge and Crab Apple tree on Horningsea Road - Trimming

I. Ritchie reported that he had already contacted Richard Fison regarding the Hawthorn Hedge on Horningsea Road and that he has agreed to cut it back. The Crab Apple tree outside the Primary School is the responsibility of the County Council. Parish Clerk to write letter.

iii Village Hedging and Parking

It was reported that in order to encourage parking in the car-park on Ditton Lane a quotation for trimming the hedging down to a level of 4ft had been sought. It was decided to accept Herald's quotation of £386 and to take advantage of their offer of a 20% winter discount. Parish Clerk to organise for Herald to complete the work during January 2007.

It was reported that complaints had been received regarding the hedge outside The Plough. Parish Clerk to write letter.

It was reported that the hedging on the corner of Fison Road and Ditton Lane also needs cutting back. Parish Clerk to write letter to Marshalls, who have responsibility for the maintenance.

It was reported that the hedging along Wadloes footpath is badly overgrown. Parish Clerk to obtain quote for cutting it back from Herald.

354. Recreation Ground

i General Report


It was reported that one of the wooden benches beside the pavilion has been damaged and a more vandal-proof replacement is being sought.

It was reported that the applications made to the funding organisations for the Recreation Ground Improvements earlier in the year have resulted in a total of just over £18,000. Quotations have been received and work should be ready to start in the New Year, aiming for completion before the summer.

Permission was granted for the plans for the Recreation Ground Improvements to be displayed on the Parish Council notice-boards. They will also be displayed in the old Post Office and made available at the Pavilion one Saturday morning for parishioners to view and discuss. Date of public viewing of plans to be decided.

ii Natural Heritage Awards 2006


It was reported that the Recreation Ground Trust may qualify for a grant from the Natural Heritage. M. Cullen to make application.

iii Firework Night


It was decided that Guy Fawkes night would be celebrated on Friday 3rd November with fireworks starting at 6pm. A budget of £500 was agreed. (LGA 1972: s145) M. Cullen informed the Parish Council that the Recreation Ground insurance was in order. All procedures will be the same as last year. B. Felstead to organise food and drink. R. Smiley to provide fencing. Parish Clerk to ask the Primary School to provide a guy. B. Felstead to organise flyers and posters. Volunteers necessary to ensure there are no accidents - M. Cullen to organise.

355. Highways

i Parking in the High Street

It is hoped that improvements to the Ditton Lane car-park will reduce the parking problems in the High Street. It was noted that it is illegal to park less than 25 metres from any corner and that this is being repeatedly infringed on the High Street. B. Felstead to include this matter in the newsletter. Parish Clerk to create flyer to this effect to be placed on cars breaking the law.

356. Cemetery

i Price list for grave plots


It was agreed that a sub-committee, consisting of E. Daniel, C. Jones, I. Ritchie and the Parish Clerk, be organised to draw up the new price list which will be agreed at the next meeting. Parish Clerk to co-ordinate.

ii Request for grave plot for resident's mother


It was reported that this matter is now closed as another solution has already been found.

iii Request for grave plot - Mr. and Mrs. Slack

It was decided that the new prices would apply. Parish Clerk to telephone.

iv Ashes request

The request to add ashes to an existing grave was granted. The new price for a grave opening will apply. Parish Clerk to inform the funeral parlour.

v Request for kerbstone

The request for a kerbstone for an existing grave was granted.

vi Poppy wreath for Remembrance Sunday

A donation of £45 to the British Legion was agreed upon (power: s137).


357. Planning

i 68 Horningsea Road - Planning Appeal

It was agreed that the Parish Council would keep up to date with the progress of this appeal.

358. Accounts

i The following invoices were agreed:

i Herald - Cut Cemetery and Recreation Ground: £240.88

ii Laura Marshall - Salary and expenses for September: £231.32

iii Moore Stephens - Audit fees: £ 164.50

359. Correspondence

i Letter to SCDC claiming grant of £350 for cleaning of War Memorial

ii CALC - Letter re: AGM (via email)

iii Mr. Williams - Letter re: September meeting (via email)

iv Herald - Letter re: winter discount (via email)

v Barr Ellison - Letter re: Deed of Grant (via email)

vi Moore Stephens - Letter re: Annual Return

vii SCDC - Letter re: 68 Horningsea Road (via email)

viii Letter to Barr Ellison (via email)

ix Barr Ellison - acknowledgement of receipt

x Letter re: Independent Examinations - South Cambs Local Development Framework

xi CCC - Letter re: New Concessionary Bus Fare Scheme Leaflet

xii CCC - Letter and documents re: Consultation on the North West Cambridge Area Action Plan

xiii CCC - Errata to North West Action Plan, Green Belt option 10.3

xiv SCDC - Letter re: Natural Heritage Awards 2006

360. Any Other Business

I. Ritchie praised the planting around the War Memorial and requested that a letter of thanks be written to Dan and Brenda Jackson. Parish Clerk to organise.

361. Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 7th November 2006.

The public are welcome to attend meetings of the Parish Council

Laura Marshall

Parish Clerk

Tel:  01223 295568

E-mail:  laura@idiom.co.uk