Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 5th December 2006

at the Recreation Ground Pavilion



Chairman:            B. Felstead

Councillors:         M. Cullen, C. Jones, A. Alderson, I. Jupp and E. Daniel.

Parish Clerk:        L. Marshall


District & County Councillor R. Turner was in attendance.


Open Forum


Mr. Shaun Williams again informed the Parish Council of his need for a deed.


375.     Apologies were received from I. Ritchie.


376.     Following the resignation of R. Smiley, M. Cullen nominated B. Felstead as Chairman. The vote was unanimous. B. Felstead signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office as Chairman. M. Cullen resigned as Vice Chairman and C. Jones nominated I. Ritchie. The vote was unanimous. I. Ritchie will be asked to sign the Declaration of Acceptance of Office as Vice Chairman before the next meeting. Parish Clerk to organise.


377.     The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of the 7th November 2006 were agreed with the following qualification: it was noted that under item 370 (ii), C. Jones declared an interest and rejoined the discussion for item 371.


378.     Matters Arising


i           Wicken Fen Vision


Mr. Jon Megginson from the National Trust gave a very interesting presentation on the Wicken Fen Vision and explained the importance of Wicken Fen Nature Reserve. The presentation was followed by a discussion about the relocation of the waste water treatment works which the National Trust opposes.


ii          Land by the Barn


B. Felstead informed the Parish Council that Hewitsons have expressed reservations about the draft deed as it stands. It is hoped that they will have drafted an acceptable deed for discussion at the next meeting.


iii         Vacancy for Parish Councillor


It was reported that Mr. R. Slack of 545 Newmarket Road has expressed an interest in the vacant position for Parish Councillor. Parish Clerk to invite Mr. Slack to attend the next Parish Council meeting.


iv         44 Horningsea Road


            It was decided that the Parish Council could do nothing further in this matter.



379.     County and District Reports


Cambridge East Members Reference Group


District & County Councillor R. Turner reported that on 28th November, there was a meeting at the guildhall of the Cambridge East Members Reference Group where the consultant’s report on the Cambridge East Sustainable Transport Strategy was discussed. At this stage, this report is only one of the suggestions of how this may be achieved and is not of preferred options. This report will be presented to the inspector in May. Transport targets are set at 60/40 split i.e. walking (25%) + public transport (35%) to car trips (40%). At the moment the consultants are concentrating on phase 1, namely development north of Newmarket Road, as this will be realised first. The consultants said the target of a 60/40 split would not be achievable at this development. District & County Councillor R. Turner expressed dissatisfaction with the concentration on only phase 1, as the development should be viewed as a whole. Concerns were also raised over the proposal for a Fen Ditton link road, which could to be used as a short cut to and from the A10 causing extra traffic and congestion in Waterbeach and Horningsea. The consultants have said they are only looking at impact in the immediate area to Cambridge East, whereas it was argued that a more overall view was needed. It was also stated that the infrastructure must be in place before development commences. This was the first of several consultative meetings. The consultants will review their report taking into consideration Councillor’s comments.


Relocation of Sewage works to Honey Hill

District & County Councillor R. Turner reported that the Cambridge Evening News was approached with a view to them taking on a ‘Sewage Works’ campaign. Unfortunately they were unwilling to do this but will be running frequent articles in the press. Recently several articles have been published.


District & County Councillor R. Turner reported that the meeting last Monday evening at Bottisham was well attended. The County Council was questioned and as a result they publicly agreed to put forward other options for the public to be consulted on. It was stated that these consultations should be in the same format as they have done for Honey Hill and the same consultant’s reports done. The CC was also reminded that the non-relocation of the waste water treatment works should remain an option, it being the most sustainable one. District & County Councillor R. Turner reported that the Sustainability Appraisal report states amongst other things, that ‘There are no significant positive effects likely to arise from the relocation of the waste water treatment works to any of the four sites considered’, of which Honey Hill is one and ‘The waste water treatment works would not be in keeping with the character of the landscape’ and ‘biodiversity could also be negatively effected’.


A14 Ellington to Fen Ditton


District & County Councillor R. Turner reported that he has recently received the published consultation paper on the off line upgrade of the A14 between Fenstanton to Ellington from the Highways Agency. There are a number of complicated options being considered. The County Council will be working with all other Authorities; including Health, Police, Cambridgeshire Horizons and business groups to agree a single unified response similar to the response submitted a year ago.






380.     Conservation


i           Waste Water Treatment Works


It was agreed that C. Jones would continue to work on drafting the letter expressing the Parish Council’s objections to the relocation of the waster water treatment works to Honey Hill, Horningsea and would circulate the finished product via email.


It was also decided that the Parish Council would agree to the suggestion of the Village Society that all four Parish Councils (Fen Ditton, Horningsea, Quy and Teversham) make a joint submission of objections. C. Jones to co-ordinate.


ii          Grass Verges


District and County Councillor R. Turner agreed to contact Mr. Bob Howard in order to clarify the responsibility for Wadloes footpath.


iii         Village Hedging         


In the interests of safety it was decided that Herald’s quote of £125 to flail cut Wadloes footpath would be accepted if clearance is included in the price. Parish Clerk to organise. Any further work on Wadloes footpath will be reassessed once clarification to 380 ii above is achieved.


381.     Recreation Ground


i           General Report


M. Cullen informed the Parish Council that the supports for the goalposts have been installed and that nest boxes have been purchased as part of the Village Green Space grant and are ready to be put up.


382.     Highways


i           CCC Questionnaire


            E. Daniel informed the Parish Council that the questionnaire has been completed and returned to CCC informing them of the Parish Council’s dissatisfaction with the level of response to complaints and problems raised.


iii         Parking in the High Street


            In the absence of PC Livermore this matter was held over.


383.     Planning


S/2116/06/F – NO RECOMMENDATION was recommended for Extension – 43 Green End, Fen Ditton for Mr. and Mrs. Smiley.


384.     Accounts


i           It was agreed that the Parish Council will revise the mandate to Barclays Bank to include two additional signatories: C. Jones and B. Felstead. The necessary forms were signed. It was reported that R. Smiley will write to Barclays to confirm that he will no longer be a signatory for the account. A letter to authorise L. Marshall to transfer money between accounts and to access information regarding bank balances and recent items was also signed.


ii          The following invoices were agreed:  


            i           OCS Ltd. – Window Cleaning: £ 77.41         

            ii          Laura Marshall – Salary and expenses for November: £ 245.87

            iii         Royal British Legion – Donation: £ 45

            iv         South Cambs District Council – Euro Container collection - £ 15.28

            v          Herald – Cut and strim cemetery, recreation ground and roadside verges: £ 393.63

            vi         Jacobi Jayne and Co – Birdboxes: £ 91.80

            vii        Natural Birdbox Company – Birdboxes: £ 82


385.     Correspondence


i           Hewitsons – Letters re: Rights and Easements

ii          SCDC – Letter re: grant for War Memorial cleaning

iii         CCC – Letter re: Parish Paths

iv         CCC – Letter re: Transport issues

v          Countryside Alliance – Letter re: Post Office (via email)

vi         CCC – Letter re: Minerals and Waste Plan

vii        Letter to Cllr. Reynolds objecting to procedure of CCC cabinet meeting discussing waste water treatment works

viii       Letter to Hewitsons re: draft deed

ix         CALC – Letter re: District Association Meeting

x          Royal Mail – Letter re: First Class People Award (via email)

xi         Letter of thanks to Jane, Sam and James Felstead

xii        Letter of thanks to Gavin Smiley

xiii       Letter to CCC re: Variable sign

xiv       Barr Ellison – Letter re: Deed of Grant (via email)

xv        National Trust – Letter re: Wicken Fen (via email)

xvi       Benjamin Buttery – Letter re: 44 Horningsea Road (via email)

xvii      CCC – Letter re: Submission Draft Statement of Community Involvement

xviii     R. Slack – Letter re: Burial plot

xix       CCC – Response to letter to Cllr. Reynolds (via email)

xx        Letter to R. Slack re: Burial plot


386.     Any Other Business


i           It was agreed that M. Cullen would purchase a Christmas Tree for the Village.


387.     Date of Next Meeting


            The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 9th January 2007.


The public are welcome to attend meetings of the Parish Council



Laura Marshall

Parish Clerk

Tel:  01223 295568

E-mail: parish-clerk@fenditton.org