Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 5th September 2006

at the Recreation Ground Pavilion


Chairman: M. Cullen

Councillors: B.Felstead, E. Daniel, I. Ritchie, I. Jupp, C. Beeson-Jones

Parish Clerk: Absent. Councillor B. Felstead agreed to take the Minutes

Open Forum

Mr. Shawn Williams informed the Parish Council about his access and easement problems.

Parish Council Meeting

Due to being unable to access the Pavilion the meeting was held in the open and it was agreed that only the urgent, outstanding Council Business on the Agenda would be discussed.

336. Apologies were received from Mr. R. Smiley and Mr. A Alderson

337. The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of the 4th July will be agreed at the next meeting

338. County and District Reports

No representative present

339. Matters Arising

i New Parish Councillor

Ian Jupp was warmly welcomed to the Parish Council

ii Resignation of M. Clarke

Held over to next Meeting

iii Surgery Sessions

Held over to next Meeting

iv Post Office Closure

Held over to next Meeting

v Campaign to protect rural England

Held over to next Meeting

vi CALC Workshop on Freedom of Information

Held over to next Meeting

340. Conservation

i Hawthorn hedge and Crab Apple tree on Horningsea Road - Trimming

Held over to next Meeting

341. Recreation Ground

i General Report

Held over to next Meeting

342. Highways

i Following Mr. Williams' points raised in the Open Forum it was agreed to contact Kate Church to see if contact could be established to aid Mr. Williams. Mr. Williams has agreed to cover all Parish Council costs incurred in this matter.

ii  Potholes at entrance to Blue Lion

Held over to next Meeting

iii Parking in the High Street

Held over to next Meeting

343. Cemetery

i Request for Grave Plot

Held over to next Meeting

344. Planning Applications

i S/1609/06/F

 Recommended refusal on the following grounds:

Backland Development

Creeping Development

Building within a Conservation Area

345. Accounts

i Held over to next Meeting

346. Correspondence

i Held over to next Meeting

347. Any Other Business

i Councillor Felstead wished to note the splendid job of restoration of the War Memorial. It is hoped that the flowerbed will be re-planted to enhance this fine village monument.

348. Date of Next Meeting

i The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 3rd October 2006

The public are welcome to attend meetings of the Parish Council

Laura Marshall

Parish Clerk

Tel:  01223 295568

E-mail:  laura@idiom.co.uk