Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 7th November 2006

at the Recreation Ground Pavilion



Chairman:            M. Cullen

Councillors:         I. Ritchie, C. Jones, B. Felstead, I. Jupp and E. Daniel.

Parish Clerk:        L. Marshall


District & County Councillor R. Turner was in attendance.


Open Forum


Mr. Shaun Williams informed the Parish Council that his solicitor has drafted a deed and presented the Parish Council with this document for examination.


362.     Apologies were received from A. Alderson and R. Smiley.


363.     The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of the 10th October 2006 were agreed.


364.     County and District Reports


            To follow.*


365.     Matters Arising


i           Land by the Barn


It was agreed that the Parish Council would instruct their solicitor to proceed expeditiously to confirm the existing rights of Mr. Williams and to draw up a draft agreement in line with the draft agreement presented during the open forum, subject to there being no conflicting information. This decision was proposed by I. Ritchie. The vote was unanimous.


It was decided that I. Ritchie would take over responsibility for this issue. I. Ritchie to contact Hewitsons.


ii          Vacancy for Parish Councillor


No candidates for the position have come forward at present. B. Felstead to create a poster advertising the vacancy.


iii         Code of Conduct Training Sessions


            No interest in attending.


366.     Conservation


i           Tree Works at the Kings Head


            It was decided to make no comment on the proposal to remove the decaying sycamore tree next to the pub garden.


ii          LDF Gypsy and Traveller Issues


It was decided that at this stage no response is necessary to the documents sent out by South Cambs.


iii & iv LDF – Waste Water Treatment Works


            I. Ritchie reported that the Village Society is working very hard to oppose the preferred option of Honey Hill, Horningsea and pointed out the necessity of the Parish Council putting its name to objections aswell. I. Ritchie to draft bullet points of objections for discussion at the next meeting. Three meetings are scheduled during November; the first on 15th November at Fen Ditton Church Hall, the Village Society meeting on 21st November at the Primary School Hall and a meeting with representatives from all the surrounding villages on the 27th November at Bottisham Village College.


v          Grass Verges


            Held over to next meeting.


vi         Village Hedging


            Held over to next meeting.


367.     Recreation Ground


i           General Report


It was reported that M. Cullen’s meeting with Bob Howard from Highways resulted in an agreement that the County Council would make some contribution towards the cost of the new entrance to the recreation ground.


ii          Natural Heritage Awards 2006


It was reported that the application for this grant has been made.


iii         Firework Night


It was reported that £201.66 was made from contributions on the night and £70 from food. It was agreed that next year efforts would be made to clarify the start time as there had been some confusion over this. Parish Clerk to write letter to thank everyone who helped make the evening so successful and enjoyable. 


368.     Highways


i           CCC Questionnaire


            It was decided that E. Daniel would complete the questionnaire to give feedback on the service provided by the County Council.


ii          Street Lighting Maintenance


            The increase in maintenance charges for the four street lights, from £17.26 to £17.50 each, was accepted (Power: PCA 1957 s3).


iii         Parking in the High Street


            It was agreed that the problems with parking at the entrance to the High Street would be discussed at the next meeting when it is hoped that the new police support officer will be able to attend.


369.     Cemetery


i           Price list for grave plots


            The new prices for grave plots were agreed. These are available from the Parish Clerk.


370.     Planning


i           Land Adjacent to Home Farm, High Ditch Road, Hedging and Trees.


E. Daniel reported concerns about the severity of the cutting of the hedge along this site. It was reported that the planning department at South Cambs have agreed to try to stipulate the height of the hedge from now on. It was agreed to monitor the progress.


ii          Extension – The Cottage, Musgrave Farm, Horningsea Road – D. Yandell


‘No recommendation’ was agreed, but with a concern over the vagueness of ‘modification’ of out-houses; while repair would be acceptable, improvement (ie installing windows) would not.


371.     Accounts


i           Forms for added signatories were distributed.


ii          The following invoices were agreed:  


            i           Laura Marshall – Salary and expenses for October: £ 235.80

            ii          Herald – Cut cemetery and recreation ground: £188

            iii         Bruce Felstead – poster printing expenses: £47.95


            The following invoice was questioned – Parish Clerk to investigate company name.


            i           OCS Ltd. – Window Cleaning: £77.41          


372.     Correspondence


i           Letter to SCDC re: grant for War Memorial

ii          CCC – Letter re: Waste Private Finance Initiative Project (via email)

iii         Highways Agency – Letter re: A14 Ellington to Fen Ditton Improvement (via email)

iv         CALC – Letter re: District Association Meeting (via email)

v          Lepra – Letter re: charity appeal

vi         CCC – Booklet of direct dials for senior management

vii        CCC – Letter and leaflets re: Slow down on roads alongside rivers campaign

viii       CCC – Letter re: congestion in Cambridge (via email)

ix         CCC – Letter and Questionnaire on Highways maintenance

x          Letter of thanks to Stuart Productions

xi         East Cambs District Council – Letter re: LDF

xii        Letter of thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Jackson

xiii       Letter to the Plough re: fencing and hedging

xiv       Letter to Marshalls re: footpath upkeep

xv        CCC – Letter re: Street Lighting

xvi       emails re: Parking on the High Street

xvii      Hewitsons – draft deed


373.     Any Other Business


i           It was reported that a number of foreign HGVs have been seen on Ditton Lane. C. Jones to research.         


ii          It was agreed that as it has now been a year since the variable sign was erected on Ditton Lane, objections should now be registered. Parish Clerk to write letter.


374.     Date of Next Meeting


            The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 5th December 2006.


The public are welcome to attend meetings of the Parish Council



* The County and District Report will be posted on the notice-boards as soon as it is available.



Laura Marshall

Parish Clerk

Tel:  01223 295568

E-mail:  laura@idiom.co.uk