Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 9th January 2007

at the Recreation Ground Pavilion


Chairman: B. Felstead 

Councillors: I. Ritchie, M. Cullen, C. Jones, A. Alderson, I. Jupp, E. Daniel and R. Slack.

Parish Clerk: L. Marshall

District & County Councillor R. Turner was in attendance.

Open Forum

Mr. Shaun Williams presented the Parish Council with a revised deed of grant as drawn up by his solicitor and explained the amended wording.

Concerns over the clarity of the Recreation Ground Improvements plans were raised by two members of the public. M. Cullen agreed to explain the plans. Concerns over lighting, entrance width and fencing were also expressed.

388. No apologies were received.

389. The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of the 5th December 2006 were agreed.

390. Matters Arising

i New Parish Councillor

Mr. R. Slack, of 545 Newmarket Road, Cambridge, was proposed as Parish Councillor by A. Alderson and seconded by E. Daniel. The vote was unanimous. Mr. Slack completed his Declaration of Acceptance of Office and joined the meeting.

ii Land by the Barn

B. Felstead reported that Hewitsons have informed him that the legal fees already incurred have reached the limit set by Mr. Williams. Given that the matter appears to be reaching a conclusion it was decided that the Parish Council would fund the remaining legal fees (Power: LGA 1972 s.111). It was agreed that the Parish Council must act in accordance with the advice provided by Hewitsons but that every endeavour would be made to procure an acceptable deed of grant for approval at the next Parish Council meeting based on the revision submitted by Mr. Williams. B. Felstead to liaise with Hewitsons and, if necessary, Mr. Williams to agree the wording.

iii Cambridgeshire ACRE

It was decided to renew the membership to Cambridgeshire ACRE (Power: LGA s.143).

391. County and District Reports *

392. Conservation

i Diseased Chestnut Trees

It was reported that A. Alderson has arranged a meeting with the tree and landscape officer for 15th January to discuss the diseased chestnut trees on the Recreation Ground. It was agreed that the pollarded trees on the High Street would also be pointed out at this meeting and that the Parish Clerk would request that Herald carry out the work on these trees due to the urgency of the matter.

ii Hedge Planting Scheme

A. Alderson reported that grants are available for hedge-planting. No ideas were raised as to where hedging would be beneficial in the village.

iii Variable Message Sign

It was reported that the objections of the Parish Council to the Variable Message Sign on Ditton Lane had been received by the County Council but that such objections were not considered valid. Parish Clerk to write letter of complaint registering the inadequacy of the consultation.

393. Recreation Ground

i General Report

A general discussion regarding the Recreation Ground Improvements dealt with issues raised during the Open Forum. M. Cullen and A. Alderson explained that there were no plans for lighting, that the hard play area was not to be considered a car-park and that the proposed Nature Walk would not be close to any boundaries. Complaints about the rubble and the old lawn-mower at the entrance to the Recreation Ground were raised and will be addressed at the next Recreation Ground Trust meeting.

394. Highways

i A14 – Public consultation 

It was decided that the objections formulated during the last consultation period would be re-sent before the deadline of 9th March 2007.

ii Bus Services 

It was decided that there were no grounds for objection to the proposed reduction of the 196 service to peak only journeys.

395. Planning 

i S/2279/06/F – Entrance Porch, Replacement of Existing Windows and Doors and Timber Decking – The Plough Public House, Green End, Fen Ditton. Recommended: ‘Approval’ subject to satisfaction of concerns about exterior lighting and parking sufficiency and clarification of the proposed removal of gate and fence. Parish Clerk to contact the manager of the Plough.

ii S/2332/06/F – 2 Houses – Adj 1 Huntley Close Cambridge – Cambridge/Flagship Housing Society. Recommended: ‘Approval’, recommending giving a priority to parishioners of Fen Ditton.

396. Accounts

i and ii Review of Accounts 2005-2006 and Parish Precept 2007-2008

It was agreed that an increase of 4% would be applied for. This was proposed by I. Ritchie and seconded by C. Jones. The vote was unanimous. Parish Clerk to organise (closing date for Parish Precept 2007-2008 is 5th February 2007).

iii The following invoices were agreed:

i Laura Marshall – Salary and expenses for November: £ 233.88

ii Herald – Cut and strim roadside verges, cut recreation ground, cut and strim cemetery and village green, supply and spread fertilizer on football pitch: £569.88

iii Three Counties Fire Protection – Annual Extinguisher Inspection: £33.49

397. Correspondence

i CCC – Letter re: National Drink and Drive Campaign (via email)

ii CCC – Letter re: Variable Message Sign (via email)

iii SCDC – Letter re: Mutual Exchanges and s106 Restrictions (via email)

iv CCC – Letter re: Contracted Bus Services (via email)

v CCC – Letter re: Temporary Signs for Charity Events (via email)

vi Hewitsons – Revised Deed of Grant

vii ACRE – Letter re: renewal of membership

viii SCDC – Letter re: Hedge Planting Scheme

ix CCC – Letter re: Adoption of SCI

x CCC –Winter Maintenance Leaflets

xi Anglian Playground Services – Letter of Introduction

xii Thomson Webb & Corfield – draft Deed of Grant (via email)

xiii Hewitsons – Letter re: draft Deed of Grant (via email)

xiv SCDC – Letter re: Planning Appeal for Wildfowl Cottage

xv CCC – Letter re: County Council Budget

xvi Hilton Parish Council – Letter re: A14 Upgrade

398. Any Other Business

It was reported that the street light on Wadloes footpath is broken. Parish Clerk to report.

399. Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 6th February 2007.

The public are welcome to attend meetings of the Parish Council

* To follow on main notice-board only

Laura Marshall

Parish Clerk

Tel:  01223 295568

E-mail: parish-clerk@fenditton.org