Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 7th June 2005

at the Recreation Ground Pavilion



Chairman:             Cllr R Smiley

Councillors:           Cllrs A Alderson, M Clarke, M Cullen, E Daniels, B Felstead and C Jones

Parish Clerk:         S Scrivener


Also present were five members of the public.

Apologies were received from B Swann-Auger.


170.     The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of the 3rd May 2005 were agreed. 


171.     County and District Reports


i           County/District Councillor R Turner announced that he had become the County Councillor because of his desire to protect Fen Ditton against any adverse changes should Marshall’s be re-located.

ii           Cllr R Turner reported that he had attended a site meeting at 44 Horningsea Road to discuss with neighbours the property and related problems.

iii          Cllr R Turner began discussion on the closure of the Post Office.  He reported that in normal circumstances the application would receive an automatic refusal, due to the fact that the property had been on the market for a period of 6 months only.  Normally 12 months is required before an application is considered.


172.     Matters Arising


i           Proposed Extended Hours – The Plough Public House


i           The Parish Council agreed to withdraw their objection to the application to extend opening hours at The Plough public house on the basis that the extended hours are at Bank Holiday weekends only.


ii           Resignation of Mrs Sandra Madahar


i           Mrs S Scrivener to forward a letter of thanks to Mrs Madahar – for years of effort as a member of Fen Ditton Parish Council.


iii          Land at the Barn


i           Cllr R Smiley to arrange meeting with Mr Gough-Goodman to discuss notice board.

ii           Mrs S Scrivener to write to Mr & Mrs Williams re paving slabs on Parish Council land.


iv          Minutes posted on a Fen Ditton Website


i           The Parish Council agreed to the minutes being posted on the following website:  www.fenditton.org.  Mrs S Scrivener to organise and to relay thanks to Mr & Mrs Harvey who maintain the website.


v          Distribution of Parish Council Mail


i           It was agreed that the current system is efficient (whereby all Councillors are notified of post via e-mail with hard copies being forwarded of particularly relevant mail).

ii           It was also agreed that Mrs Scrivener would forward to Councillor E Daniel the post that would have normally been positioned in the Post Office (such as magazines, general circulars etc).


173.     Conservation


i           Grass Bank Cutting


i           Mrs S Scrivener to continue to make further enquiries/organise (in time for new grass cutting season - September).


ii           Conifers 44 Horningsea Road


i           Mrs S Scrivener to write to owner of 44 Horningsea Road (Cllr R Turner supplied address).


iii          Bushes along Wadloes Path


i           Bushes have still not been cut.  Mrs S Scrivener to chase progress.


iv          Bushes Encroaching on Path along Horningsea Road


i           Owner of field believed to be Mr Bill Fison.  Mrs S Scrivener to make further enquiries.


v          Damage to Trees – end of High Ditch Road


i           Cllr A Alderson reported that the trees appeared to be recovering from the rabbit damage. 

ii           Mrs Scrivener to chase.


vi          Bushes/Brambles encroaching on High Ditch Road


i           Mrs S Scrivener to chase progress.


vii         Conservation Plan


i           Cllr A Alderson reported that Naomi Brookes had compiled a plan which outlined the Wildlife Trust’s recommendation for the wild area of the Recreation Ground.

ii           It was agreed that plans for the Recreation Ground would be made available and clear for all to see on Ditton Day.  Cllr A Alderson to organise together with Cllr M Cullen and R Smiley (who had volunteered to carry out line painting etc on the eve of Ditton Day).

iii          It was agreed that the Parish Council would hold a stall/information point so that plans for the Recreation Ground could be discussed with parishioners on the day.  Mrs Scrivener to organise a rota and distribute.

iv          Cllr A Alderson announced that quotes for the tarmac area are needed.  Cllr R Smiley to organise and to forward to Cllr A Alderson.


174.     Recreation Ground


i           Request for Railings at top of Slide & Fencing at Side of Pavilion


i           Due to work constraints the above mentioned items will be reviewed at next meeting by Cllr M Cullen.


ii           Other Recreation Ground Issues


i           Cllr M Cullen reported that the ROSPA report had been received.

ii           It was recommended that the rocking horses be replaced.  Mrs S Scrivener to provide Cllr M Cullen with information re companies who manufacture the springer type rocking horses.


175.     Highways


i           Surface Water Drainage – Francis Court


i           Mrs Scrivener reported that a letter had been received from Cambridgeshire County Council who had informed the Parish Council that the area will be ”inspected shortly”.

ii           Mrs Scrivener to chase progress.


ii           Sinking Highway – High Ditch Road


i           Mrs Scrivener to chase progress.


176.     Cemetery


i           War Memorial Update


i           Cllr E Daniel reported that the final quote for the maintenance work on the War Memorial had been received.

ii           It was agreed that Hibble’s would be appointed to carry out the work.  Cllr E Daniel to organise.


177.     Planning


i           Decisions made due to Planning Deadlines


i              S/0850/05/F – Extension – 4 Shepherds Close – Mr Martin & Ms Harden – REFUSAL recommended due to loss of light to neighbouring house, sewage pipes run under intended building area and yellow signs were not displayed for people to comment.

ii             S/1268/03/F (amended) – Erection of two houses following demolition of existing dwelling – 10 High Ditch Road – Mr & Mrs A P Gardener – REFUSAL recommended due to effect on neighbour.

iii            S/0617/05/F (amended) – Extensions and alterations and erection of detached garage and extension of garden – Mr & Mrs K Pitman – REFUSAL recommended.


ii           Applications considered on 7th June


i           S/0968/05/F – Summer House/Greenhouse and Screen Fence – 10 High Street – Dr S Beeson.  Cllr C Jones declared an interest.  It was recommended that the application be APPROVED.

ii           S/0894/05/F – Change of use of Post Office/Shop to additional residential accommodation for existing dwelling – 15 High Street – Dr B K & Mrs S Madar.  The attending members of the public were asked for their views.  The Parish Councillors then took a vote.  It was agreed that NO COMMENT would be the recommended response.

iii          S/0970/05/F – Erection of 11 dwellings including 6 affordable dwellings following demolition of storage sheds – Land adjacent to Home Farm – Trustees of the J C G Francis Will Trust.  It was agreed that the Parish Council APPROVE the application with the following non-negotiable conditions:  i  to make sure that Fleam Dyke is preserved and that English Heritage are officially contacted; and ii that the existing hedge remains.


iii          Mobile Telephone Mast – Ditton Lane


i           Mrs S Scrivener reported that the application had been REFUSED by Cambridge City Council.


iv          Planning Exhibition at Church Hall (30th June at Church Hall)


i           It was agreed that Parishioners would be notified of the above mentioned exhibition by including details on the Bumps flyer that everybody would receive in High Street, Church Street, Stanbury Close and Green End.  Mrs S Scrivener to organise.


178.     Accounts


i           The Annual Return for the year ended 31 March 2005 was agreed and signed by the Chairman.


ii           The following invoices were approved:


i           SCDC:  euro container in cemetery:  £15.28.

ii           Herald Contract Services:  grass cutting April:  £270.25.

iii          Herald Contract Services:  fertilizing football ground:  £176.25

iv          Strand Ltd:  cleaning bus shelter:  £75.52.

v          Mr B Felstead:  expenses for Parish Newsletter:  £127.22.

vi          Mrs Sara Scrivener:  salary and expenses:  £219.72 + £41.24 = £260.96


However, the invoice below was questioned.  Mrs S Scrivener to send letter to Hewitson’s:


i           Hewitsons Solicitors:  final legal fees land by the barn:  £856.50.


179.     Correspondence


i           SCDC – Council Tax Capping – letter explaining that SCDC has written to the office of Deputy Prime Minister to challenge capping proposal (all via correspondence file).

ii          SCDC – Facilities Bank and Touring Film Kit Launch Evening – offering facilities to hire mobile cinema screening, offering various equipment (all via correspondence file).

iii          Cambridgeshire County Council – Cambridgeshire Core Traffic Scheme Stage 4 – traffic scheme in Emmanuel Street, Drummer Street and St Andrew’s Street (MC/all via correspondence file).


iv         Cambridgeshire County Council – Changes to Local Bus Services – does not affect Fen Ditton (all via correspondence file).

v          Greene King Pub Company – Application for a Transfer of Liquor Licence and Gaming Permit – Section 34 – change of name of Licencee (all via correspondence file).

vi         Cambridge County Council – Corporate Plan Cambridgeshire – the next four years – leaflet setting out plans to achieve “a robust local economy” (all via correspondence file).

vii         Clerks & Councils Direct – May 2005 – (all via correspondence file).

viii                    Harvest – May-June 2005 – (all via correspondence file).

ix         Herald Contract Services – letter explaining that coach bolt damaged Herald machinery (all via e-mail).

x          Letter received from Mr Williams, 5 Green End outlining further objection to The Plough’s application for extended hours at Bank Holiday weekends (all via correspondence file).

xi         Letter received from Mr Gough-Goodman, Riverside Cottage, Green End regarding notice board and nuisance resulting from The Plough (all via e-mail).

xii         Letter received from Barr Ellison Solicitors regarding stone slabs being placed on Parish Council land (all via e-mail).


180.     Any Other Business


i           The Bumps


i           Cllr M Cullen reported that visiting cars would be charged £3.00 to park on the Recreation Ground on Saturday 18th June. 

ii           Cllr M Cullen and Mrs S Scrivener to organise rota for car park attenders.

iii          Mrs S Scrivener to organise cones to be placed in High Street, Church Street, Green End etc on Saturday 18th June.


ii           Letter Received re Closure of A14 Slip Road at Fen Ditton


i           No action has been taken regarding the comment made in the Parish Newsletter that refers to the Parish Council wishing to close the A14 slip road altogether.

ii           To clarify, the Parish Council has only requested that the three way lane stop at Milton rather than Fen Ditton.


181.     Date of Next Meeting


i           The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 5th July at the Recreation Ground Pavilion at 7:30 pm.


The public are welcome to attend meetings of the Parish Council


Sara Scrivener, Parish Clerk

Tel:  01223 292224       

E-mail:  Sara.Scrivener@btinternet.com